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Partner with us to empower kern county to choose life

Are you looking to give back to your community? Do you have a heart for men and women dealing with pregnancy-related concerns, and just don’t know how to help? Then become a Bakersfield Pregnancy Center Partner!

There’s a variety of ways to help!  If you are interested in something specific- like hosting a baby shower, volunteering or donating, fill out the form below. To help with special projects and needs, click the blue button to the right below. Volunteers are needed to serve as client advocates and coaches, and work at least 3 hours a week. Other options include donating baby items, quilting a blanket, donating a pizza for our Guy’s Night Only, or hosting a baby shower!

With any questions or to learn more about becoming a volunteer, call us today. There’s really so much you can do, and we’re sure your talents, heart of service and compassion, and love for others will shine through whatever you do with the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center. 

Start making an impact with the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center

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Upcoming Events

Want to be a part of one of our community events or fundraisers? Or perhaps you’d like to invite us to one of your events to present about our services. Check out what we’re planning for the year and what we’ve done already!

Our Quarterly Baby Showers

Perhaps you’ve heard about our baby showers before. We have plenty of pictures on our Facebook to show how much fun we have, but if you’d like to learn about what is needed to make our baby showers so fun and successful you can read about it at our Baby Shower page.

Special Projects & Needs

BPC Volunteer Advocate at Fall Baby Shower in 2019

Get to Know Us More; Take a tour.

Still not sure how to get involved? No problem, we have just the thing for you. Schedule a tour with us! We love talking about the ways God has provided for the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center, as well as listening to why YOU want to be a part of the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center vision. How can we work together to empower individuals to make healthy and life-affirming decisions in Kern County? Schedule a tour so we can talk all about it!

Where do your donations go?

When you donate to the BPC you’re impacting more than one life, you are impacting the lives of a family. Women seeking a pregnancy test, men wanting to become better fathers, and families just barely making ends meet using their Baby Bucks to purchase new or gently used items in the Baby Boutique are just some of the individuals your donations are helping. Begin donating today

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