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Baby Showers

Baby Showers

Learn all about our quarterly baby showers here!

Drive-thru Baby Showers


See how our volunteers make baby showers so fun! 



Baby Photo Shoots


Moms, dads, and babies get unique gifts to take home with them. 


What better way to celebrate our moms and dads than to play silly games with them?

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Baby Shower Hosts

In 2023 we celebrated 140 babies at one of our quarterly baby showers. With the help of volunteers with generous hearts we distributed gifts for the babies, moms, and dads!

These individuals that come from different churches, businesses and organizations of all ages and backgrounds are called Baby Shower Hosts. Since its inception, our baby showers have been hosted by more than 10 different churches and each of them offer a unique experience to the baby showers we hold at in our upstairs classroom. Hosts play such a vital and special role in our work at baby showers with the energy, love, and excitement they bring with them. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Baby Shower Host with your small group, business, or friends let us know by emailing [email protected] visit the link below.

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If you want to join us at our baby showers, you can do so in two different ways. You can volunteer to hand out gift bags and treats to our clients that drive by, or you can become a sponsor. Typically groups of 5-8 people have sponsored our baby showers, being women’s ministry groups, a congregation, or businesses. Friends are also welcome to be the sponsors. In addition, we gladly accept donations of gently used or new items during our office hours. To sponsor a baby shower email 

Your sponsorship will include providing the decorations for the baby shower as well as the gifts for the moms and dads. We have a list of items that we recommend our sponsors look at to see what they would like to gift our clients with, but if you have specific gift you’d like to provide we can accomdate for that as well. 

Our History

 At the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center our hope from the moment a mom and dad step into our office is that they would feel that they are in a safe space. We want them to feel at ease when the female volunteer or male coach calls them back. Whether coming for a pregnancy test or parenting classes, every client is invited to attend a baby shower when she is in her final months of pregnancy. In October 2018 we started the baby showers with little more than some baby and mommy gifts, a lunch and Costco cake. What started with a sign up list of 5 women ended up being 8 clients and adding! The first baby shower was such a hit that we continued throwing baby showers and donors caught wind of it. We began receiving phone calls from churches and ministry leaders, donors and volunteers, asking how they could help, and what to donate. 

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