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Every childhood memory of Christmas that I have involves the last gift opened on Christmas morning. The “last gift” was always for my Mom, Janeen, and it was always from my Dad, Billy. My Dad would always have a special gift for Mom under the tree, either something she had really wanted but was too expensive for her to buy, or something special Dad wanted her to have—a complete surprise. My Dad would pass out the other presents first and save this special present for my Mom for last. 

Since my brother and I were little at the time, I am not sure we noticed the great display of love in this last Christmas present. However, as we grew older, we did notice the significance of this last gift and began to anticipate it with great joy, even more excitement for Mom’s last gift than for our own gifts. This last gift often made my mom cry, and in turn the rest of us too. It was filled with love and devotion from my Dad to my Mom, and gave my brother and I an example of unconditional love in marriage that we have never forgotten.

This Christmas, my Mom is celebrating with the first and last gift of Christmas in person, as she went to be with Jesus in April. However, the last Christmas gift will live forever in our hearts and we will continue this tradition as a family. It is something I want my grown children to remember and experience too.

The Bakersfield Pregnancy Center is so very grateful for every gift you have given to us this year. Each gift was an act of worship and sacrifice in a year like no other. Your gifts have given us the ability to continue to serve clients with all our services, equip our volunteers, and support our staff. 

While we look forward to leaving 2020 behind us, the year 2021 approaches us with even more uncertainty. The Biden Administration is setting up to be the most progressive, pro-abortion administration we have ever had. We anticipate that many, if not all, of the pro-life executive orders established under President Trump will be overturned immediately. Pregnancy Centers could be affected greatly under the Biden Administration, and we need to be prepared. Our fundraising strategies are changing drastically as we continue in this pandemic, therefore we lean even more on the Lord for His provision.

I hope you and your family can make a very special Christmas gift and we would be honored if you would consider the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center. Your gift would indeed be a testament of your love and devotion to the Lord and to those facing a difficult pregnancy decision. 

Merry Christmas

Erin Rogers, Executive Director

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