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“I received a lot more information that I thought I would. I had a lot of confusion and was really stressed before coming, but this visit has made me feel much better about my situation.”

What do we do when women tell us they are afraid?

 What do we say when we hear that they are vacillating between fear and excitement? Some of these women, being high school students or already mothers of newborns and toddlers, fear reliving parenthood on their own, while others fear not being able to give their child the future they believe he or she deserves. Some stress that their partner or loved ones will not support them. Some feel that their lifelong dreams will be interrupted.

These fears are the most common factors that cause many women to believe that, abortion is their best, or only option. So what is our response?

Part of our vision at the BPC is to empower men and women through education.

We understand that these women all come with different backgrounds. They’ve have scars and wounds that directly affect their life decisions. When it comes to a pregnancy, we know that their decision to have an abortion, to parent, or to place their child in adoption is emotionally and mentally exhausting. Our volunteers have been trained to listen and ask questions before they inform or educate. A client must know that the woman (or man) sitting across from them is sincere, compassionate, and willing to listen, without judgement, before she (or he) can openly express her (his) concerns. Only then can our volunteer advocates begin educating and uplifting.

Our advocates help clients to process their situation, evaluate the problems discussed, help the client consider the pro’s and con’s of the choices they are considering, and encourage them to think about all of their options before settling on the one that is not just fatal to the baby but detrimental to the woman and her partner.

Many women never even consider adoption; but when a woman opens up to her advocate, she gets answers, she hears about her options and she gets informed about the many resources that extend to her outside of the BPC. When she leaves the center she can choose life for her baby, even if she first had intended at first to have an abortion.

Every woman has a choice to accept the information. She might still have some apprehensions about her pregnancy, but she now can see beyond just her fears. 

These women that change their minds do so because they find courage. They realize that the difficulties ahead of them do not compare to the beauty and hope that will come from having their baby. These women leave empowered. They leave the center choosing life.

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