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Mission and Vision Statements

The Bakersfield Pregnancy Center serves Kern County by empowering individuals to make healthy, life-affirming choices regarding pregnancy and sexual health.

Vision and Strategy Statement: 

  1. The BPC is to be a ministry that meets the needs of women with pregnancy related concerns through the love of Christ. 
  2. The BPC is to be an extension of the local church to women and their families. 
  3. The BPC ministry is to be carried out by a volunteer staff supported by a paid staff. 
  4. The BPC is to be funded by regular donations from the community supplemented by grants and fundraising efforts.   
  5. The BPC is to be an outreach to the community to promote understanding of its purpose and mission and to educate on related issues. 
  6. The BPC is to provide leadership to the community in promoting positive sexual values.
  7. The BPC is to offer peer counseling which respects the free will of those being counseled while also presenting accurate medical information and pertinent Biblically-based truth.  This counseling will be offered on an individual and small group basis.  In addition to pregnancy counseling, abstinence education and help for those with pregnancy losses will also be offered.
  8. The BPC is to provide limited pregnancy-related medical services, including verification and ultrasound, in accordance with recognized standards of care and all applicable laws.
Rev. and adopted 2009

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