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In 2018 we were invited to attend a 4 day long fundraiser in the Pacific Northwest. With the plan to raise funds for several pregnancy centers in the United States. more than 300 men and women of all ages came together to pray, work, and strategize for ways to get expensive equipment into the places where they would be most effective-changing hearts and minds.

Women and men who saw their baby in an ultrasound, Watch this video about how 4US started and how God used a couple far from California to expand our medical services to more than before through access to a new ultrasound!

While many pro choice advocates will contest the effectiveness of ultrasounds, we know that when a woman comes in to confirm her pregnancy, abortion is an option. No matter what she verbalizes or implies through the conversation, we believe it is important that part of this woman making an informed decision requires that she have the ability to see her baby in the ultrasound. Our first trimester ultrasounds provide our clients with a look at her baby’s fetal heartbeat, size, and location but also afford nurses with the opportunity to educate the client more about her anatomy and the baby’s.

We are so thankful for Diego and Kim Wendt’s story and how God has used them to bring us something so vital to our ministry, a look in the womb and a chance at seeing what many abortion providers do not allow, a baby.

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