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Upholding the sanctity of human life

A way to provide hope.

Volunteers serve in virtually every area of the center: on the front lines of client services, as support services providers, and as occasional helpers with special events. Initial training workshops, on-the-job orientation, and monthly in-service training meetings are provided to help our volunteers develop their gifts and talents.

About Volunteering

volunteer qualifications

The Bakersfield Pregnancy Center seeks Christian men and women age 18 and above from all segments of society to help serve our clients’ pregnancy-related needs.

volunteer positions

  • Client Advocate
  • Receptionist
  • Men’s Coach 
  • Medical Services
  • Material Resources Assistant
  • Special Projects Assistant
  • Church Liasion

become a volunteer

The first step to becoming a volunteer is to take a tour of the center and pick up training registration and volunteer application forms.

student internships

Bachelor’s degree students at CSUB, FPU, University of Phoenix, and other accredited  institutions may apply for internships to meet the requirements of their courses of study.

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