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Upcoming Events



A Blessings Tea

This is a time for women ministry leaders to “Arise to Peace” with a special message from Sheryl Giesbrecht Turner. Please be our guest on Friday, June 18th at 11:30 am at First Presbyterian Church, located at 1705 17th Street. Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to Bakersfield Pregnancy Center at (661) 326-1907. 



Summer Baby Shower

Our next baby shower is going to be held indoors! There will be two baby showers, one for baby girls, then another for baby boys. Our clients due in June, July or August are welcome to come, bring their partner, and have a good time eating some yummy cake, playing games and feeling the love of Jesus as we minister to them through our gifts and service! Learn more at our Baby Shower page.

Past Events



Communitywide Baby Shower

We’ll be at the KERO 23 ABC News Station on November 19th from 5am-7pm to receive donations for the Bakersfield Pregnancy center. If you have donations you’d like to send our way please do so during the hours of 5am-7pm. It’s a drive-thru so you won’t even have to get out of your car! Click here to see the videos of the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center on the news!




Drive-Thru Baby Shower 

Clients that are due in January and February will be celebrated and honored on January 29th. We will have a church sponsor, along with William & Sonoma who generously donated 25 diaper bags filled with newborn baby items to hand out at the day of the event. If you have questions about our baby showers, how they work, and how to help you can contact Julie Sepulveda at (661) 326-1907.




Banquet: Into the Arena

We invite you to attend our annual banquet in February 2021 where we will testify of God’s work in the year 2020, the challenges we have overcome, and the new hopes we have for the year ahead. We know that everyone has had to face new and unprecedented changes and battled more than we could have ever expected, but this year we invite you to fight alongside us in the fight to save the unborn and their mothers and fathers who need the truth. Will you enter the Arena with us? Click here to find out more. 

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