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Churches Participated


Since launching our Labor of Love baby bottle fundraiser on September 1st, we have seen an unprecedented outpouring of support. While some churches were closed and therefore unable to offer the support they are always so happy to give us each year for the campaign, those churches that were open gladly took the bottles and helped us pass them out to their congregation.

We could not be more appreciative to all our churches that have supported us through these tough times. We acknowledge that many churches have suffered a great deal but we are confident that God will continue to bless the pastors and elders of the churches just as they have blessed us with their giving, prayers, and support.

Our next baby shower is Mother’s Day and ends Father’s Day. Are you ready to start giving? Get some baby bottles for your church or business by calling Julie at (661) 326-1907 or email outreach@wehelpyou.org.

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